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A Player Draws a Huge Amount Playing X Men Slots

King Solomons is a popular casino and it is known for giving out some amazing prize amounts at its X men or Marvel slots. A Greece online player recently won a massive prize amount that was around a whopping €191 thousand. He won this jackpot by playing at different X Men slots. This fortunate gamer had begun playing at the Iron Man version by depositing €250, which is the minimum wager for one spin.

While playing free spins on Iron Man, the Greek player drew a large amount of cash that was nearly €15,750 and €8,000. Later he moved on to X men games, where he amassed more than €200 thousand euros by assertive playing measures. He claims to have achieved this feat by not even drawing prizes at the Progressive Marvel jackpot.

King Solomon’s spokesperson thumped the fortunate player who drew such massive prize money. The spokesperson also said that the company would be delighted to see more of their loyal customers getting huge awards by playing different online casino games.


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